Beginning a
with OBDVP

At Old Brown Dog Veterinary Practice, we believe relationships are the key to being competitive and successful in today’s market. We approach our acquisitions with this mindset. We’re not looking to just buy your practice; we’re looking to form a partnership with you and your hospital team.

Our Acquisition Process

Our acquisition process is designed to ensure that not only are you a good fit for us, but that we’re a good fit for you.



When you reach out to us, we’ll talk to you about your hospital’s needs, your current financials, what goals you have for the future, as well as your philosophy for practicing medicine. We’ll also share with you what it’s like to be a part of OBDVP, and what kind of resources you and your team will have access to.

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Partnering Up

When we both mutually decide to proceed with the purchase of your practice, we’ll establish a timeline for closing as well as the transition process. With our decades of experience, we know what a practice needs to minimize disruption with hospital teams.

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Joining Our Team

A few weeks before closing, we’ll work with you to deliver the news to your team in a positive, upbeat way to optimize compliance and put worried minds at ease.

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What to Expect After Close

Throughout the acquisition and transition processes, we aim to ensure your clients and patients continue to receive the high level of care they expect. Additionally, we’ll work with your practice team to ensure they have the support they need to continue to do their jobs with little to no disruption.

Our transition process is based on over 100 years of combined veterinary experience.

Part of our process includes:

  • Working with your vendors, utilities, and other third-party contracts to make them all aware of the upcoming change
  • Meeting with your staff to answer their questions, set expectations, and set their minds at ease about the transition
  • Discussion of payroll and benefits that OBDVP offers
  • Learning about the culture and needs of the practice
  • Continuing to work on integration, areas of improvements, and team communication well into the future

Ready to begin the next phase of your journey? Let's talk.